Ethos Cookies R2

Ethos Cookies puts the talents of breeder Ethos Genetics on full display.

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Ethos Cookies puts the talents of breeder Ethos Genetics on full display. Ethos cookies is a sativa-dominant hybrid weed strain bursting with pepper, berry, grapefruit, and gassy terps, thanks to its Mandarin Cookies #17 and Colin OG #1 parents; the current version in their genetic library is Ethos Cookies R2, a cross of Ethos Cookies phenotypes #1 and #16. It’s also the definition of bag appeal, with a blizzard of icy trichomes on dense, chunky buds that range in color from lime green to deep purple. The Dominant Terpene of Ethos Cookies is Caryophyllene. Ethos Cookies have an average THC percentage of 22% with 1% CBG. While many Cookies and OG strains can settle into a body high, a hit of this will have you ready to seize the day after a mouthful of tangy and zesty terps. The most commonly reported effects of Ethos Cookies include energy, focus, and a brighter outlook on life without the grogginess afterward.






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